Pre Purchase Visual Weathertightness Condition Report  - Including  moisture checks 


1-2 Bedroom apartments  $430.00
2 Bedroom Dwelling up to up to 130m2 $450.00
3 Bedroom Dwelling up to  180m2 $470.00
4 Bedroom Dwelling  up to 260m2 $490.00
5  Bedrooms Dwelling up to 290m2 $520.00
6 or more Bedrooms $600.00
Monolithic cladding houses  will incur a $100.00 extra charge above our standard house price $100.00
Maintenance reports & water ingress issues $500.00

Re-finance inspection report add $100.00 on the standard house inspection price 

Above prices are based on standard size dwellings 

*All prices are GST exclusive