How do i know my monolithic cladding needs maintenance

All monolithic homes built before 2004 should have a yearly maintenance check 

I have come across a large amount of monolithic dwellings that have been constructed in the early 1990s that have been well maintained and were showing no signs of leaking - All dwellings have the potential to leak under extreme weather conditions - Some, more than others - Depending on the design principles and construction methods and how the dwelling is performing 

       What you need to check yearly 

  • Cracks or splits in the cladding material
  • Moisture staining or other visible water damage areas
  • Silicone between the joinery and wall junctions must be completely water tight 
  • Gutters cleaned out regularly
  • Gardens well away from the cladding system to stop wicking 
  • All penetrations on the exterior completely sealed 
  • Mould and moss or colour degradation
  • Blistering or fading paint work 
  • Cladding is 175mm above the ground (Lawn or garden) - 100mm from a paved surface - Sometimes these are performance based checks 
  • Repaint in membraine specialised paint 
  • Good size soffits for weather deflection 
  • Sometimes a few upgrades and preventions can protect your monolitic dwelling for years to come 
  • Who can you contact - Home Smart Maintenance - they are the maintenance specialists -
  • If you are about to buy a dwelling dont forget to get a Home inspection for peace of mind 
  • Engaage in the services of a Accredited Building Inspector