Textured ceilings -Asbestos

Often the mere mentioning of the word asbestos sends people into a state of panic which in many cases is not justified. We believe this state of panic is often compounded when members of the public, buyers, vendors and even tenants have been subjected to what can only be described as ‘scare tactics’ either through misguided media coverage or by third parties wishing to gain from these misconceptions. The up-shot of this is that it’s quite likely that a number of people have had their textured ceilings and /or other materials removed at considerable expense where there was no requirement

Textured ceilings containing asbestos generally represent a very low level of risk when compared with other forms of asbestos, although the public perception does not always reflect this. The risk with any product containing asbestos only increases when the fibres are able to be released in an airborne state. Due to the bound matrix of textured ceilings, asbestos fibres are not readily re-released into the environment via this material.
Removal is often not a building owner’s best course of action to reduce asbestos exposure. In fact, an improper removal can create a dangerous situation where none previously existed.’