Qualified Building Inspector

Dave Taylor has over 20 year's experience in the building and construction industry.

Dave has had the good fortune to have built some spectacular new homes in the Auckland area but preferred the challenge of renovations and additions to existing homes.

One of the most endering experiences of his career was when he headed up a team of approximately 40 Contractors to run Housing NZ's healthy housing program. For this we would move into a street of approximately 30 state houses and we would completely renovate them from top to bottom.

Dave is passionate about what he does and he loves a challenge!

When purchasing a house, it is vital that you are aware of its condition. Qualified Building Inspectors are invaluable in assessing a house condition.

Over recent years, New Zealand housing has been subjected to disasters such as Leaking Building Syndrome, poor construction and faulty workmanship.

Often purchasers have minimal equity in the purchase of a house, which places undue reliance on the house requiring little or no repair work or maintenance to be carried out following the purchase, as there is often no money available to undertake these repairs.

This places the building owner, along with the financial institutions, in a vulnerable position which can result in either financial or property loss.

Use only a Qualified Building Inspector 

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