What is a Pre-Purchase House Inspection & Report? Why do I need one?

How and why is a Pre-Purchase Inspection conducted  

  • All houses have the potential to leak depending on their build and the climate conditions
  • An initial visual evaluation is done on the property at first glance
  • What is the pitch of the roof – How is water diverted from the roof – What is the condition?
  • What cladding materials are used – How are they fixed – What is the risk of the cladding system and what condition is the cladding in – What is the height between the cladding and the ground?
  • What style of joinery is used –How are the windows flashed and junction joints sealed?
  • Are the penetrations –junctions-capillary breaks-Mechanical flashings all water tight?
  • We then use the design principles - 4 D’s to access the risk
  • D1 – Deflection -Check claddings and flashings for deflection (Aimed to keep water out)
  • D2 – Check for drainage paths to the outside if water gets inside the building envelope
  • D3 - Drying and diffusion through the walls and ventilation
  • D4 – Durable materials for the conditions (How they work)

Deflection is achieved through a number of ways to protect the dwelling from water ingress issues

Once we have established the risks we will check the entire dwelling from the roof to the subfloor leaving no stone unturned


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