Licensed Building Inspector

The New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors is a not-for-profit organisation formed to raise the standard of pre-purchase and pre-sale building inspections in New Zealand.

The big issue facing the industry is the lack of control over just who can set themselves up as a Pre-Purchase Inspector. There are no qualifications or licensing requirements for entry to this field, and very little training available that allows new entrants to get “up to speed” in this area. As a result the standard of building inspections can vary quite widely.

The New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors is looking to change this. Anyone wishing to become a member of the Institute will need to satisfy the Executive that they are capable of doing this work by;


  • Demonstrating a good understanding of the construction industry in New Zealand
  • Completing a practical onsite assessment under the “watchful eye” of an experienced building inspector, and
  • Can report the results of this inspection in an accurate clear concise manner to meet their clients’ needs.  


All members will be required to remain up-to-date with construction products, systems, standards, building code requirements, regulations etc by completing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme each year.

The Institute will assist its members with training opportunities and mentoring/peer review programmes to help raise the standard of building inspections, and will work with Government and other industry bodies to ensure the skills required to do this job are recognised and supported.