What is a Pre-Purchase House Inspection & Report? Why do I need one?

How and why is a Pre-Purchase Inspection conducted by a Member of New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors 

  • All houses have the potential to leak depending on their build and the climate conditions
  • An initial visual evaluation is done on the property at first glance
  • What is the pitch of the roof – How is water diverted from the roof – What is the condition?
  • What cladding materials are used – How are they fixed – What is the risk of the cladding system and what condition is the cladding in – What is the height between the cladding and the ground?
  • What style of joinery is used –How are the windows flashed and junction joints sealed?
  • Are the penetrations –junctions-capillary breaks-Mechanical flashings all water tight?
  • We then use the design principles - 4 D’s to access the risk
  • D1 – Deflection -Check claddings and flashings for deflection (Aimed to keep water out)
  • D2 – Check for drainage paths to the outside if water gets inside the building envelope
  • D3 - Drying and diffusion through the walls and ventilation
  • D4 – Durable materials for the conditions (How they work)

Deflection is achieved through a number of ways to protect the dwelling from water ingress issues

Once we have established the risks we will check the entire dwelling using the NZS-4306-

2005 Standards - NZIBI

All pre puchase house inspections are conducted by a Licensed - Registered House Inspector - Executive Member of the New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors - NZIBI

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